Executive Board & SLT Duties

PTA Co-Presidents (up to 3): The President shall preside at all meetings of the Association and shall be an ex-officio Member of all committees except the Nominating Committee and the Audit Committee. The President shall be the Association’s representative to the District Presidents’ Council (although another Officer or non-board member who is acknowledged by the PTA membership and duly noted in the minutes of the PTA general meeting may attend the meetings for the President). The President is required to serve as a Core Member of the School Leadership Team and regularly attend meetings. In the case of co-presidents, the remaining PTA Officers, in concert with the co-presidents shall determine which co-president will serve as the mandatory member of the SLT (although another Officer or non-board member who is acknowledged by the PTA membership and duly noted in the minutes of the PTA general meeting may attend the meetings for the President). A President shall approve the agenda and lead or designate a leader for all Executive Board and General Meetings.

The Treasurer/Assistant Treasurer (3-5): shall be responsible for all financial affairs and funds of the PTA.  The Treasurers shall also be responsible for maintaining an updated record of all income and expenditures, all bank accounts and be one of the co-signatories on these accounts.  The Treasurers shall adhere to and implement all financial and confidentiality procedures established by the PTA and comply with all Chancellors’ Regulations.  The Treasurers shall be prepared to present and provide copies of financial reports at every Executive Board and PTA meeting. The Treasurers shall also prepare and distribute the January 31st interim and June annual financial accounting reports. They shall make available all books or financial records for viewing by members upon request and for audit.  The Treasurers shall prepare all financial records and assist with the June/July transfer of all PTA records to the incoming Executive Board.

The Budget Committee Co-Chairs (2): shall be responsible for drafting a proposed budget each spring for approval by the PTA Membership and a written review of the prior year’s budget, both of which must be presented at the May General PTA Membership Meeting.  To ensure continuity, the Budget Co-chairs shall be encouraged to serve overlapping 2-year terms.  Where possible, at least one position shall be filled in even-numbered years, and at least one position shall be filled in odd-numbered years.

A Co-Treasurer may be a Member of the Budget Committee. The elected Chair of the Budget Committee may not be a Treasurer.  The Budget Committee shall include the following representatives, to be elected in the fall during the October election: 2 reps for each of the following grade groupings: K-2nd, 3rd-5th, 6th-8th.

Vice-Presidents Community Affairs (2): shall: (a) assist the President and the other Vice Presidents; (b) jointly assume—together with any other available Vice Presidents—the duties of the President in the President’s absence or at the President’s request; (c) be responsible for representing or finding others to represent the Anderson School and report on meetings of the Presidents’ Council, CEC, Building Council and other relevant community-based meetings and forums; (d) organize community outreach programs and events, including but not limited to sister school programs (i.e. Halloween Costume Drive) and (e) promote the school in diverse communities in the City.

Vice President, Hospitality/Welcoming (1): shall: (a) assist the President and the other Vice Presidents; (b) organize members of the Hospitality/Welcoming Committee as recruited by Parent Involvement; (c) plan events including but not limited to Welcome Back Picnic, Meet and Greet on Meet the Teacher Night, Teacher Luncheons/Snacks for Parent Teacher Conferences and Meet the Teacher Night, Open Houses for prospective families, Teacher Appreciation Week, New Parent Welcome Party, Incoming Kindergarten Class Orientation, and the Anderson Buddy Program; (d) ensure that events are adequately staffed through direct communication with Parent Involvement and Administration.

Vice-Presidents Fundraising (3): shall over see all fundraising activities of the PTA, specifically, the establishment of a sufficient committee structure to ensure adequate planning and execution of all PTA fundraising events, Annual Auction, Direct Appeal, solicitations as well as all on-site events and grant-writing efforts; and consult with the SLT regarding any curriculum-based initiatives of the PTA for which fundraising would be appropriate.  A VP Fundraising shall serve as one of at least three co-signatories on the PTA’s checks.

Vice President, Parent Involvement (1): shall oversee the PTA’s efforts to engage parents as volunteers and to lead the Grade Reps in their efforts to involve as many volunteers as possible and to leverage parent’s interests and areas of expertise.  These responsibilities include serving as a leader for all Grade Rep activities, guiding the parent engagement section of Meet the Teacher Night (selection of class parents, a class treasurer and other reps as necessary); to lead all kindergarten parent orientation efforts; and, maintain records or a database of school-wide volunteers and make these records &/or database available to all fundraising and event chairs & other members of the PTA as necessary.

Vice Presidents Communications (2): shall prepare and distribute notices of all PTA meetings and other PTA communications to the parent body and keep the PTA’s bulletin board current.  The Communications Vice Presidents are responsible for the maintenance and updating of an Anderson School website, the publication and distribution to families of a school newsletter, and the publication of a student yearbook and/or creative arts journal.

Recording Secretary (1 and 1 Alternate): shall: (a) maintain the official record of the proceedings and actions of all PTA Meetings and email votes, including but not limited to the notices, agendas, sign-in sheets, and material distributed at all meetings; (b) make available a sign-in sheet at each PTA meeting; (c) prepare minutes of each PTA meeting in time for review and adoption at the next appropriate meeting, and make minutes available upon request; (d) maintain custody of the books and reports pertaining to the PTA, except those of the treasurer; (e) maintain a log of all amendments to the By-Laws and shall ensure that a copy of each is on file in the Principal’s office and posted on the website.

Grade Representative (19: 2-3 for K, 1-2 for 1st-8th): The Grade Representatives are the official representative of their grade to the Executive Board and are responsible for sharing their specific Grade’s concerns and encouraging participation across the grade for all school activities. Responsibilities include acting as a grade resource, providing the Grade with regular updates about developments from the Administration and the Executive Board, welcoming new families in their grades. It is hoped that each grade will have specific grade-wide fundraising functions i.e. a Movie Night, Welcome Fairs, etc. In addition, grade reps are responsible for recruiting and organizing volunteers for the Auction in coordination with the class parents and encouraging donations for the direct appeal. There are 2 Grade Representatives for Kindergarten to be elected in September, and 1 Grade Representative for each grade (1st-8th) to be elected in the June. Grade Rep’s are expected to attend monthly PTA Executive Board and General PTA meetings.

School Leadership Team (SLT):

The fundamental purpose of the School Leadership Team (SLT) is to determine a school’s educational direction – that is, the school’s overall educational vision, its goals and priorities, the strategies that will be used to achieve that vision and the alignment of resources to accomplish those strategies. To fulfill this purpose, the SLT is required to develop a Comprehensive Educational Plan (CEP) each year. The team brings together the different perspectives of the administration, teachers and parents to develop a culture in which there is a shared goal for all children to achieve high levels of learning and a spirit of partnership among all constituencies to achieve this goal (adapted from the School Leadership Team: Roles and Responsibilities 2016 and the Chancellor’s Regulations 2007).

The SLT at Anderson has 15 members. All SLTs have three core members: the Principal, the PTA president, and the Teacher’s Union Representative. Anderson’s SLT’s bylaws provide for parent and teacher grade representatives (K-2, 3-5, 6-8), and parent and teacher at-large representatives (K-4, 5-8), a PTA representative, and the Student Council President.


The core members are determined by their roles. The parent, teacher and student positions are filled by election.

The SLT grade representative represents 3 grades. Eligible candidates for K-2, 3-5 and 6-8 Parent representatives must have a child in their constituency for at least the first year of the two-year term. For example, a parent with a rising second grader cannot run for the 3-5 seat. A parent with a rising fifth grader can run for the 3-5 seat. However, to ensure access and representation, in the event that the K-4 At Large Parent representative is a 3rd or 4th grade parent, a rising second grade parent would only be eligible to serve for 1 year and a special election will be held among the K-2 constituency for a one-year term to complete the two-year appointment.

The SLT at large representative represents 4 or 5 grades. Eligible candidates must have a child in their constituency for both years of the two year term (i.e., a parent with a 2nd grader cannot run for the 5-8 seat.


Grade Representative: to attend and participate at each monthly meeting (SLT meets Wednesdays at 3pm); to solicit input and receive comments and concerns to be shared with the committee; to distribute the minutes to the represented grades.

At Large Representative: to attend and participate at each monthly meeting (SLT meets Wednesdays at 3pm)

PTA Representative: to attend and participate at each monthly meeting (SLT meets Wednesdays at 3pm); to attend and participate at each monthly PTA executive board meeting (determined by the PTA); to present SLT information to the executive board, solicit input and receive comments from the executive board to disseminate to SLT; to present SLT information to the general PTA membership at monthly PTA meetings (determined by the PTA), to solicit input and receive comments from the general membership to disseminate to SLT.

If you have questions or would like to submit a nomination, please contact nominations@andersonpta.org