Community Affairs

The mission of the Community Affairs Committee is to strengthen the relationship between P.S. 334 and the broader community through outreach and advocacy. Critical functions include:

  • Monitoring regular and special meetings of relevant decision-making bodies, such as the DOE, the District 3 CEC, City Council members and other elected officials, and Community Board 7, and keeping the PTA executive board and the parent body informed of important developments;
  • Supporting P.S. 334’s efforts to increase awareness about the school and opportunities like Requests for Testing for G&T through flyering and outreach to local Pre-Ks.
  • Organizing the P.S.334 community response in critical debates, through, for example, letter writing campaigns, petitions, information sheets, and participation in community meetings; and
  • Maintaining up-to-date data related to D3 student population issues, G&T testing/applications, and citywide elementary/K-8 programs to support ongoing outreach and advocacy activity.

How can Anderson parents voice their concerns?

  • Contact the Mayor and your other elected representatives
    Let your voice be heard, and tell your elected representatives that shutting down our school is not the answer. For template letters, please click here and here.
    Find the names and contact information for your elected officials here, and copy District 3 Superintendent Christine Loughlin ( on your outreach to your elected officials.
  • Join the Community Affairs Committee
    Email the VP of Community Affairs at to learn more.
  • Attend community meetings
    It’s helpful to have our school represented at public meetings about this and other important topics. Email if you want to get involved in this way or receive the PTA’s suggested talking points for public comment.
  • The PTA has developed talking points that can provide basic guidance on how to speak about this complex issue, including how to reference supporting the overall goal to increase diversity. Additionally, members of the Community Affairs Committee have developed this helpful FAQ for parents who want to learn more about this issue.